App Discovery: Mobile Security with 1U

As more and more systems and personal data becomes digital, internet security becomes a big concern.  You want to make sure your information is protected with a secure password, but it is getting harder and harder to remember all those different logins.  Was there a capital letter in this or a number?  Did I end it with an exclamation point?  How many characters do I need?  Add all that to the fact that the best way to avoid a hack is to have a different password for each site and it becomes almost impossible to keep track of it all.  Hoyos Labs has found a quick, easy way for you to login to websites with their new 1U application (available on Android and iOS November 7).

1U LogoThe 1U app uses biometrics to grant you secure access to accounts, websites, and apps, while eliminating the need to type and remember usernames, passwords, and PINs.  What are biometrics exactly?  Biometrics measure or analyze the unique physical or behavioral characteristics of an individual.  Often, this data is used to verify someone’s identity.  Fingerprints, voice patterns, and retina scans are examples of these unique characteristics.  A practical example would be the fingerprint scanners on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and Samsung Galaxy S5.  1U uses the front facing camera on your device and combines a biometric scan of your face with a “Liveness Detection” system to verify your identity.  The Liveness Detection recognizes gestures and prevents anyone from using a photo of you to access your account.

1U is not just about convenience.  It also makes signing into websites more secure and accounts harder to hack.  1U eliminates the need to type your password – no one can look over your shoulder and watch you enter your password and there are no keystrokes that could possible be recorded by malicious software.  Your personal data (usernames and passwords) are encrypted and stored on your device, not a server.  Even if someone hacked the system, there is no access to your information.  If you do happen to lose your device or have it stolen, 1U offers a remote wipe feature, allowing you to clear any saved data from your device.  The app also requires biometric verification to open and offers an auto-lock feature.

I got the chance to try out the 1U app and here is what I found:

It’s quick and easy to use.  Tap the + to add a website.  Choose from a list of common sites or add a custom site.  Next add the site name, URL, username, and password.  During this step you can also change the level of security.

Security Level

There are five levels:

  • no authentication
  • biometric only
  • convenient liveness (requires 1 gesture)
  • convenient and secure liveness (requires 2 gestures)
  • convenient and more secure liveness (requires 3 gestures).

You can also choose to add TouchID and a Liveness Signature (a custom gesture set).  I was not very good at a left to right head gesture or left and right gazes, so I personalized a gesture set combo of raised eyebrows followed by a smile.

1U Setup

Once you set up a website you can Remove, Share, or Edit by swiping left.  To open the site, just tap on it in you list.  Once the 1U app verifies you it enters your user name and password and signs you in.  One tap and you are in! How easy is that?  You know we love the fast and convenient here at Tech Armor, and this app is certainly that.

So, if you have trouble keeping track of usernames and passwords or if you are looking for a secure login for data sensitive sites on your mobile device, I would recommend the 1U app.

For more information and the latest updates on the 1U app, visit



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