360° Cases

iPhone 360° Cases Multiple Colors

In the past color conversions could give your iPhone a unique, personalized look with custom colored glass and housing. Now with demand so high for iPhone screens, manufacturers no longer make custom colored screen glass. iPhone users also found that the custom screens and housing lowered the phone’s trade-in and … Read More

Tahitian Black Pearl – Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch pearl band

Tech Armor has paired with Steeve Athlan, owner of Around the Pearl in Waikiki, to create a unique and stunning Apple Watch band which embodies the spirit of Pacific island culture. The band features the Tahitian Black Pearl. In the legends and traditions of Polynesia, the oyster of Polynesia is the daughter … Read More

Show Off Your Style – Apple Watch Accessories

Apple Watch Sport Bands

  A little over a year ago Apple introduced the Apple Watch.  Now that it has gained a foothold more accessories and becoming available.  At Tech Armor we love to personalize our Apple Watches!  With bands for every occasion, screen protectors, cases, and the ability to customize the face, you … Read More

Smartphone Quick Tips: Buying Used Phones

Cash for Smartphones

Too often you hear about people buying a used phone only to find they are unable to use it.  What a waste of time and money! If you decide to buy a used phone follow these tips to keep yourself from being scammed. Above all be cautious. When buying online, … Read More

Smartphone Quick Tips: The Unlock

Two years ago the decision was made by the Library of Congress to make unlocking cellphones illegal without the service provider’s permission.  This week a bill was signed into law that will allow consumers to more easily swap cell phone providers without needing to buy a new device. Although the … Read More

Repairs: Water Damage

We are in Hawaii, let’s face it, phones are going to get wet.  Whether from ocean water or pool water, the chance of a liquid damaged phone is pretty high. What happens when you get you phone wet? How do you keep it from happening? If it happens, how do you fix … Read More

Smartphone Quick Tips: Google Now

Do you ever wish you had a personal assistant?  Someone to mark your appointments in your calendar, make sure you arrive at work on time, or remind you to grab AAA batteries for your TV remote next time you go to the store? Google Now can do all of this … Read More

iPhone Quick Tips: Guided Access and Restrictions

Do you want your child to be able to use an iPod, iPhone, or iPad but you are concerned about what they might access? Looking for a way to make your iPhone more kid friendly? How can you be sure they are not accessing inappropriate content on their mobile devices? … Read More

iPhone Quick Tips: Paid Apps for Free

One common misconception about the iPhone is that you have to pay for most of the apps.  While many apps do have a price tag, there are legitimate ways to find paid apps for free. Many developers will list their apps for free or discounted prices for  short period of … Read More

Smartphone Quick Tips: Data Usage

How much data do you need? and How to Avoid Overages  These days almost every smartphone plan has a data usage limit or usage speed-cap.  Going over your data limit can mean overage charges, snail-paced data speeds, or loss of service, depending on your mobile plan. Here are a few quick tips on … Read More

Computer Repairs: Malware

You have probably heard about computer viruses.  You may have even been victim to one of their attacks.  Computer viruses are just one type of harmful computer software known as Malware.   Malware – short for malicious software – is used to disrupt computer operations by causing damage or performing unwanted … Read More

Smartphone Accessories: Cases

The greatest cell phone debate in history: To buy a case or not to buy a case. The way I see it, there are three basic reasons people use cell phone cases, for Protection, Functionality, or Style.  When shopping for a case, consider which or these is most important to you.  … Read More

App Discovery: Mobile Security with 1U

As more and more systems and personal data becomes digital, internet security becomes a big concern.  You want to make sure your information is protected with a secure password, but it is getting harder and harder to remember all those different logins.  Was there a capital letter in this or … Read More

Why Do Repairs Cost So Much?

Today I am going to answer one of the most common questions I hear as a cell phone repair technician: Why do repairs cost so much? First, phones are more expensive than you think.  When you buy a phone from your service they either give you a discounted price with … Read More

Tech Armor Locations

We are happy to announce the opening our newest Tech Armor location in the Mall at Pearl Harbor NEX!   There are now 4 great Tech Armor locations to choose from.   Tech Armor Ala Moana: located in Ala Moana Shopping Center. You can find us on the Ground Level, … Read More