iPhone Quick Tips: Paid Apps for Free

app store iconOne common misconception about the iPhone is that you have to pay for most of the apps.  While many apps do have a price tag, there are legitimate ways to find paid apps for free.

Many developers will list their apps for free or discounted prices for  short period of time.  This helps them to get the word out on their app.  It encourages people to try the app and review it.  I know I like to see some reviews and comments about an app before I purchase it.  I also like to see that there are numerous reviews, giving it a balanced rating.

So how do you find these free apps?

  • There’s an app for that!  A few popular examples: Apps Gone Free, Appody: Free App Deal of the Day, and Free Game of the Day.  These, and others like them, monitor and report on paid apps that have temporarily gone free.Free app apps
  • Search the web and check out sites like App_Advice.com, AppPicker.com. and AppSaga.com.  Just like their app counterparts, these web sites monitor apps gone free and offer other insights: reviews, recommendations, sales, and promo codes.apppicker screenshot
  • Next time you visit Starbucks, check the counter for the “Pick of the Week”.  Every week they offer a new free app or download code card.starbucks pick of the week
  • Check out the App Store.  It features the “App of the Week” on their main page, spotlighting a paid app that has gone free for the week.app of the week
  • Or just browse the App Store under the category of your choosing.  The temporarily free apps show up in the “Top Charts” as everyone rushes to download them.

But above all, remember to thank the developers for the free app

with a review or some constructive feedback.

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