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The greatest cell phone debate in history: To buy a case or not to buy a case.

The way I see it, there are three basic reasons people use cell phone cases, for Protection, Functionality, or Style.  When shopping for a case, consider which or these is most important to you.  Don’t worry if you cannot decide.  There are plenty of cases that cover two or even all three of these basic features. To begin your search for the perfect case you must first take a good, long look at yourself.  Ask yourself some questions:  Am I a dropper?  Am I prone to cup-holder accidents? Do I need something easy to spot?  Do I lose everything not attached to my body?  Am I a battery hog?  Do I take my phone swimming?

Now that we have done some soul searching, let’s take a closer look at the protection, functionality, and style side of things.

Spigen Tough Armor and Spigen Ultra Hybrid
Spigen Tough Armor and Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Protection: Keep your phone safe.

  • Prevent scratches, chips, dents, and dings.
  • Keep your phone looking new.
  • Protect from the impact of drops.
  • Keep out dust and moisture.

If you have a physically demanding lifestyle or if you are prone to accidents focus on this category of cases. Look for:  reinforced corners, grips, screen protectors, dust filters, button and port covers, impact absorption, anti-scratch coating….

Lifeproof Fre and Lifeproof Nuud
Lifeproof Fre and Lifeproof Nuud
Otterbox Defender Series
Otterbox Defender Series
Puregear DualTek
Puregear DualTek

Functionality: Make your life easier.

  • Increase your battery life.
  • Carry your phone in a belt-clip or holster.
  • Prop your phone up with a kickstand.
  • Carry less.  Keep the contents of your wallet in your phone case.

If you are always on the go, use your phone for everything, or need to up your phone’s efficiency and ease-of-use focus on this category of cases.  Look for:  kickstands, belt-clips, anti-microbial materials, wallets, bottle openers…

Puregear Kickstand Case + Holster
Puregear Kickstand Case + Holster
Puregear FabFolio
Puregear FabFolio
Silicone Cases

Style: Express yourself.

  • Be unique.
  • Personalize your phone.
  • Show off your sense of style.
  • Have fun.

If you are about form over function, you want to accessorize, or just want to choose your phone’s look and feel focus on this category of cases.  Look for: patterns, colors, textures, unique materials, designs, pictures, shapes, jewels, lights…Style

Now that you have an idea of the type of case you are looking for, let’s take a closer look at the cases themselves.  How do you choose between the different styles and materials? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of different case materials.

Case MaterialsIn my experience, the best cases use multiple materials to balance out the pros and cons.  If you are looking for great protection try something with both silicone and polycarbonate layers.  Get the tough durable shell of the hard case along with the grip and impact absorption of the silicone.

Now that you know how to find the perfect case, come to Tech Armor to pick one out.  Don’t worry if you were case-less before and need a repair.  We have you covered on that too, give us a call at 808-955-7470.


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