iPhone 7 Call Audio Issue

Lately, I have seen many issues popping up on iPhones, often after iOS updates. Some of the big ones Apple […]

360° Cases

In the past color conversions could give your iPhone a unique, personalized look with custom colored glass and housing. Now […]

Smartphone Quick Tips: The Unlock

Two years ago the decision was made by the Library of Congress to make unlocking cellphones illegal without the service […]

Repairs: Water Damage

We are in Hawaii, let’s face it, phones are going to get wet.  Whether from ocean water or pool water, the […]

Smartphone Quick Tips: Google Now

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Smartphone Quick Tips: Data Usage

How much data do you need? and How to Avoid Overages  These days almost every smartphone plan has a data usage limit or […]

Computer Repairs: Malware

You have probably heard about computer viruses.  You may have even been victim to one of their attacks.  Computer viruses […]

Smartphone Accessories: Cases

The greatest cell phone debate in history: To buy a case or not to buy a case. The way I see […]

Why Do Repairs Cost So Much?

Today I am going to answer one of the most common questions I hear as a cell phone repair technician: […]